Werken bij Movenpick Hotel Den Haag - Jouw werk?

Werken bij Movenpick Hotel Den Haag

Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts makes moments by doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way. Providing an upscale, relaxed and uncomplicated guest experience, Mövenpick recognises that small gestures make a big difference. Whether it is chocolate hour every afternoon, customised sleep technology to ensure a restful night or specially created fun and healthy kids’ menus, Mövenpick creates a human and warm environment for guests, business partners and employees. Committed to sustainable practices and caring for its local communities, Mövenpick is the most Green Globe certified hotel brand in the world. Founded in Switzerland in 1973, but with a heritage of food and beverage excellence stretching back to the 1940s, Mövenpick holds a growing portfolio of more than 80 hotels in 24 countries. Mövenpick brand is part of Accor, a world-leading travel and lifestyle group which invites travellers to feel welcome at more than 4,500 hotels, resorts and residences, along with some 10,000 of the finest private homes around the globe.

The Mövenpick Hotel The Hague has opened his doors in June 2020 in the heart of one of The Netherlands’ most famous cities.

The stylish 72-room Mövenpick Hotel The Hague marks a new era for the Mövenpick Brand, as it looks to evolve its interior design strategy with concepts that reflect the lifestyle preferences of modern global travellers.

This design is “unmistakably Dutch” with references to regal motifs and the quirkiness for which Dutch design is renowned. The new Mövenpick Coffee & Wine Lounge concept is unveiled at this property too, while key hotel features include an all-day dining restaurant called NOA, a gym and three meeting rooms, all designed to appeal to modern travellers.

We are a member of Koninklijke Horeca Nederland and operate according to the Dutch Collective Labor agreement. Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts offers excellent international career development and training possibilities. In addition to the Collective labor agreement we offer travel allowance. Please note that if you are not a citizen from a European state and you do not have a work permit for the Netherlands you cannot apply for this position.


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